(part 2 is when I see the trailer) YES!!!!!!! Finally; a movie about Han Solo. I’m so exited that it comes out next year (May 25, 2018). I can’t wait for this movie, but there’s a problem and I’ll talk about it in this post. Let’s begin. So, on a scale of 1 to 10 […]

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Black Panther Vs Arrow

Oh yeah, that’s right; its Boss against Boss. Black Panther is my favorite hero of all time. I like him more than Hulk (sorry Hulk) when I saw him in Civil War I was like “holy crap” this guy is awesome. And if you guys have seen Arrow’s series he’s pretty amazing too, so I […]

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The Ten Commandments

Hello all! So, you guys have probably noticed that I have changed my blog, my blog name, and my blog theme. Why, you ask? Well, I like talking about Star Wars, but I like talking about other stuff too. I mean, I am still Darth Belac, but I changed my name Belac HQ because I’m […]

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