Hey guys. So… I know that I have not posted in awhile, but I have been super busy with moving and my job and overall…busy. 😛

I have time now, though, so lets dive right in to today’s topic: The Last Jedi.

Chapter 1

The Old and the New

The reason I said “the old and the new” is because were going to see lot stuff from the old star wars like this:


Do you what those are?


Well not the regular AT-AT walkers – different one’s. Gorilla AT-AT’s – but there not actually called that. That’s just what there called for now. I’m so exited to see these things in action. And, no, I do not now what those flying red dust things are. But, if you do, post in the comments (that would be the new).

Also; Admiral Ackbar’s ship and all these other republic ships:

TLJ 5.png

Chapter 2

The Sad Things

Well the first sad thing is that HAN SOLO WILL NOT BE IN IT (I think).

Second: Sadly I have to say Leia has to die in this one, because…*tears up* Carrie Fisher…well, to keep it short, she’s dead.


And Third: Kylo Ren burns/crushes his mask (I really liked that mask).


Chapter 3

The Stuff We Will Find Out About

Number One: Who Snoke really is (Mace Windu, I think).

Number Two: Who Ray’s parents really are.

Number Three: If this Raylo (Kylo Ren + Rey) crap is real.

Number Four: If finn is a Jedi and Snoke’s son!

And there is probably other new stuff hat I don’t know about but that’s all the info I have for now. I will write part 2 when see the movie.

Comment, share, and like if you like!

May the force be with you,



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