Hi, I’m Caleb, AKA: Darth Belac. Belac is actually Caleb backwards, and I thought it sounded cool. So, that’s my Star Wars name: Belac.

I wanted to create this blog after I started guest posting for my sister (Anika @ This Journey Called Life) and realized that I enjoyed it, so here I am!

Just like Anika, I am a Christian and strong believer in God. Star Wars IS NOT my idol, though I do enjoy it to an extent.

Our family home-schools. I don’t really like school but IĀ  have to do it because I like the idea of inventing things. So, who knows? That may be a part of my future!

I also have one little brother and three little sisters: Anika, Karissa, Owen, Kezia, and one more girl on way. *sighs* (I was hoping for a brother, but I guess I’ll have to accept her).

Anywho, I hope that you enjoy my blog very much!

May The Force Be With You,





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